As a partner of Proaseptic Intallpy

Aseptic packaging needs a strong emphasis on sterilizing as well as sterile processes
Proaseptic was founded in 2006 by a number of people known as experts in the food packaging industry Their common background was the development and construction of instant made pouch filling systems. Up unitl that moment there was not one of the suppliers of this kind of machine active on this market to construct a 100% aseptic machine. We were hired to assist to develop the complete process concept needed for the machine to be able  to condition cream products. Meanwhile since last summer our prototype is operationnal, filling pouches with commercial sterile dairy products. Since we work  as a sub supplier to Proaseptic we will not present the aseptic technology developed here but we would rather refer to the website of Proaseptic.
Cooperation Woth-Proaseptic Packagingindustry Pro a filler