Cleaning/Sterilisation in Place Intallpy

The fact that cleaning is of major importance in food processing is trivial. Although it contributes enormously to quality assurance and the lifecycle of the plant itself, it is most of the time felt as a strict cost factor and time loss. The occupation of the production plant during cleaning is of course taking away the opportunity to produce at that point in time.

Cleaning will always be necessary and the occupation is a hard fact. However if the CIP can be made fully integrated towards the production plant it can be run during the night or evening or morning even when nobody is present in the production plant.

We have a reference where on a daily basis  a whole conditioning  plant is cleaned without anybody being present. The plant contains a buffer tank of 100 hl a dosing unit with two dosing tanks of 500 liter a dosing unit with 5 dosing branches and a bottle filler. All these items are cleaned in one CIP sequence with caustic and acid solution and with a disinfection cycle with par acetic acid. In other words all the equipment needed for this process is cleaned in one sequence without anyone being present. In the morning the plant  is ready once more to restart the production cycle. Our automation partner has established an internet interface so that anybody who has the correct log-in can follow at home on his PC the cleaning.

The example above makes it clear that the performance of cleaning is determined in the process itself and not in the CIP station. Any plant supplier in the food processing business can make a fine CIP station. The effectiveness and cost of a cleaning is however not determined in the CIP station but merely in the plant to clean, itself.
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