Engineering = efficient communication Intallpy

Al the documents that have to be made for the execution of a project are in fact means of communication towards all parties involved from sub suppliers to the customer.

If everything is specified  correctly from the first time projection management would be very easy. This is however never the case. At least 10 % of all specifications starting  form offer requests to material lists for execution  and drawings have to be revised until the last action is taken for acceptance of the plant itself.

The awareness that changing one detail has consequences on several other aspects was the main drive for us to develop our own tailor made database for projection.  Not only does this database detects and confronts the engineer with the consequences of project changes. We recycle all our work of specification on former projects if specifications are identical to some components in former projects.

Information exchange between the office and the workshop is strictly  done in electronic form . We don't print out drawings on paper. We mail 3D files directly to the workshop that are presented on the computer based in the workshop. Needles to say that minor modifications and coordination functions very smoothly.

For the functional analysis we have developed a standard in which processes are described. This method is very detailed. This gives our process engineer the possibility to describe very accurately the automation control that has to take place.
Since the formulation is standardized it becomes very easy to communicate with our automation partner.