Philosophy Process integrator Intallpy

The core of most processes in the food  industry do not evolve in revolutionary way.
The reasons for this are  :
  • Food processing is still an empirically based industry. Meaning that sometimes even alternative processes on which there is a consensus in the industry to be more economic and better for quality are sometimes chosen not to be executed because of the possible changes towards taste and flavour.

  • Another reason for  conservatism is that  the applied scientific principles have shown already their value in numerous cases and turned out to be very  effective. Examples are the concept of Cleaning in Place, UHT treatment, Aseptic technologies...

  • As long as these principles stand, the only way to improve the performance in all of its facets is to exploit the ongoing improvement of the singular components. The last decade a lot of process components became much cheaper and much more performing and reliable. There are plenty of examples like double seat valves, Flow meters, pumps, Heat exchangers, PLC systems.... 

  • There is still a long way to go in the exploitation of al of the possibilities and perspectives that this evolution gives. The fact that most food producing companies have to comply to numerous quality and labour standards enhances the need for increased repeatability, reliability and traceability. Model driven process automation is the state of the art technology for achieving the criteria mentioned above.

    Our goal as integrator is to implement applied modelling in food processing for the benefit of the customer and his product.