UHT high viscosityThe reasons for processes that execute temperature changes are numerous.  Heating for pasteurisation, sterilisation, cleaning, .... Cooling for stabilisation, filling ....

The preservation of all the qualities of the product is the main goal in heating as well as cooling.  The choice of the correct method of heating/cooling is a matter we attend to with the greatest care. Besides the fact that we work closely together with suppliers that dispose of fine experts in heat exchange. We are however able to dimension heat exchangers ourselves.

UHT high viscosity
For flash pasteurizers on beverages we have developed a special control algorithm for PU(pasteurisation unit)control. This algorithm makes fast flow rate changes possible with a constant PU charge. This opens opportunities for installing pasteurizers with a high capacity with  a very small buffer tank without compromise on the period before going into recirculation.

Besides the issue of preserving the quality parameter of a product during heating and cooling another important aspect is the control of this process.