Intallpy understanding the drive Intallpy

The sun and the water in the oceans. The main source of life on our planet. The ongoing dynamic balance between water and other elements driven by the interacting radiation of the sun are the main source of life.
The main carrier of life is water.
Water neutralizes gravity towards most primary substances for the metabolism of life.
Water can contain and dissolve.
Water has large density differences with small temperature changes.
Water can move in great distances and vast quantities with a minimum of force.
Water can be purified by its evaporation.
Water can be heated by radiation.
We must have forgotten numerous other properties but the ones mentioned are without any doubt the main physical processes that makes it possible for water to empower the evolution and development of life
The sun and its radiation interacting with the water makes all these properties come alive pushing  the dynamic balances of life inside the oceans and on the land. Understanding these dynamic equilibriums always end where the reflection started. All models of processes that are reliable to predict don't have loose ends but are always circular with an external force that keeps the self-implying process in motion.
The meaning of this principle can be found in the name: Intallpy.
It comes form the Dutch expression. Int(ern) all(es) (is zoals) pi which translated to English means Internally everything is like pi. Since pi is the figure standing symbol for the most fundamental circular definition we chose it as a symbol in our logo. The fact that we chose to write "py" in stead of "pi" is to emphasize that processes mainly are about transformation of energy. The primary variables of state of a energetic system are entropy and enthalpy. Since they both end with y we chose to end our name in the same fashion.